Trunks are available on a first come, first served basis and are available for up to a one week loan.  Use of the trunk is free; you will be required to pay replacement costs for any missing or damaged items.  All trunks will be picked up and dropped off at the Wright County Heritage Center located at 2001 Hwy 25 N in Buffalo, Minnesota during normal business hours of M-F 8:00am-4:30pm.

To request a trunk please fill out the form below. We have three "Minnesota Fur Trade" trunks and will try to accommodate your first date request but please add a second date request just in case.  A confirming email will be sent to you so please ensure your email is included in the form.

For more questions please contact Sally Stevens at or 763-682-8945.

"THE MINNESOTA FUR TRADE" Items in this trunk include:

- twist tobacco
- tradecloth
- seed beads
- bone pipe beads
- tin box with strike and flint
- "Making Fire with Flint and Steel" booklet
- a horn spoon
- miniature birch bark canoe replica 
- authentic Native American harvested wild rice
- musket balls and buckshot
- quill & quill holder
- muskrat spear
- awl
- tanned buckskin, muskrat fur & rabbit fur
- "The Ojibwa: Wild Rice Gatherers"
- "Minnesota Native Americans Workbook"
- "The Broken Blade"
- a CD from the Minnesota Historical Society with powerpoint teaching information
- a binder for sharing of material and future trunk ideas

"THE CIVIL WAR" Items in this trunk include:

 - kepi, or cap
- sesquicentennial playing cards
- 1864 playing cards
- Declaration of Independence CD (song)
- Civil War fandex- copy of the Gettysburg Address
- Declaration of the 13 United States
- book, Soldier's Heart
- book, If You Lived At The Time 
- book, Early Card Games- a 'housewife' or soldier's sewing kit
- tin cup
- book, A Soldier's Life In The Civil War
- haversack- Civil War Uniforms Coloring Book
- pouch of coffee
- Sesquicentennial study guide

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