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A Locked Trunk

By Lori Nohner, WCHS Curator

In 2012, the family of Carrol Lundeen donated World War I a footlocker. In 2016, when I started as curator, the footlocker was still locked.


Soldiers and socks

One hundred years ago, in 1917, there were many articles in the local papers about the war waging in the European countries. The United States would not enter the “War to End All Wars” until April of 1917. There was much interest in anything pertaining to Germany. This one human interest article caught my eye…published in the Monticello News, January 3, 1917. "Soldiers and Socks" is reprinted below:

   The German soldier does not wear socks, but fuss-lappen. These are strips of cloth soaked in tallow and wound about the feet. They are supposed to be preferable to socks, in that they wear more evenly, are more easily cleaned and, when properly worn, are not so likely to wrinkle and cause blisters.

   Military authorities disagree, however, as to the relative value of socks and tallow soaked strips. Either covering, though, is considered preferable to the custom of wearing no socks, which has prevailed in the French, Spanish and Italian armies. ---Outlook.

Bowl & Pitcher, Together Again

Bowl & Pitcher, Together Again

Bowl and pitcher, together again 

by Claudia Menzel

This is a story of how two family heirlooms, separated for over 70 years, finally have been reunited.

During the Depression years, many young families occupied rental farmhouses in rural Wright County. A family might stay for a few years before purchasing a farm of their own. This was the circumstance for Rudolph and Mabel Lundquist. They rented an 80-acre farm between Monticello and Buffalo on what is now County Road 37. The farmhouse had no electricity...