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WCHS is a 501c3 nonprofit organization; all cash donations are tax-deductible and receipted 

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donating to the collection

The collection of the WCHS is tied directly to our Mission - to collect, preserve, and share our history - and to our Vision - to create a dynamic place where people encounter, explore, share and learn about the past.

The collection consists of items significant to Wright County. It reflects the culture, history, and lifestyles of the county's past and present inhabitants. While items build the physical collection of the WCHS, it is the stories and provenance related to the items that bring greater depth to our understanding of them.

Please read the FAQ page for answers to some of the questions you may have.


How to donate

Before potential acquisitions come to the Heritage Center, we try to collect as much information about the item(s) as possible. If you are interested in donating any item(s) in particular, please complete the following form. The details you provide help WCHS staff and/or the Collections Committee make an educated decision regarding the donation.

Staff and the Collections Committee review the information on the questionnaire. It takes time to compare potential acquisitions to other items already in WCHS' collection; we contact donors as soon as the committee reaches a decision.

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Be specific. Include the estimated age, size, and condition of EACH item.
Where, when, why and how was the item acquired and used? Who owned the item(s) previously?